Missionaries of the Month

Amanda Delzer serving in Bolivia..

Ladies Bible Study

Tuesdays 9:45

We will be continuing in our study of Luke. Babysitting provided.

Stepping Up – Men's Bible Study

Saturday, 3/5 - 7:30 am Breakfast served

Sunday, 3/25 @ 5 pm

Youth Group -


Ladies Missionary Meeting:

Thrusday, 3/15 @ 9:45 am

Alive at Five:

Sunday, 3/18 @ 5 pm - 7 pm

Iron Sharpens Iron Conference

May 24 – 27, Emmaus Bible College [Dubuque, IA]
Iron Sharpens Iron is the annual conference of Emmaus Bible College. The purpose of ISI is for fellow believers in Christ to sharpen one another's vision and skills for building up the local church and impacting the world for Christ. Join us this year as we study the book of 2 Timothy and explore our theme of Courageous Faithfulness: Guarding the Gospel in Difficult Times.

Here is the correct phone number for the PICKENS

when they are in the USA: 704-461-2897. Please disregard the one listed in the directory.


Summer camp season is right around the corner and we want YOU to be able to attend camp. The FBC Camp Scholarship program will be available again this year. You can earn half or full credit towards one week of summer camp. Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements soon. 


Please save Box Tops for Education, cancelled postage stamps (except common stamps like flag stamps) trimmed to 1/4", and greeting card fronts and other pictures suitable for making calendars.

Looking Ahead

The 2018 Ladies Beach Retreat has been scheduled for Sept. 13-16. Info will be coming out in a few months to sign up. We will be using the same study book, but are on Ch.7 - Under the Shadow of Your Wings.
Please prepare your hearts, even now!

Concerning Announcements

All ministry groups should send announcments to the monthly bulletin to Tammy Borem by the 21st of each month. In an effort to reduce the number of last minute announcements made at the end of the Lord's Supper each Sunday, a portion of the bulletin board in the foyer will be made available fo updates/changes. We are also looking for other ways we might be able to quickly update announcements and communicate changes to the chapel fellowship.

Door Greeters

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